9/12/2017 – Basilis chapters and new wallpapers.

Uploaded chapter 7 of Basilis (which had been released a good while ago) and the first half of chapter 8 as well. The files are available on the manga page.

Also made some new wallpapers. There’s a DNAngel one that I’m particularly happy with on the anime wallpapers page, as well as an Underworld one with Kate Beckinsdale and two versions of a picture I took in Helsinki on the random wallpapers page.

And in response to a question I received a good while back (^^;), I have not and probably will not be scanslating the first two volumes of Time Stranger Kyoko. Partially because Endless Dimension is doing them, and partially because I just don’t have the time between being a full-time college student and holding down a job – I’d rather work on Basilis than step on ED’s toes.

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