About Me

Name: Jennifer
Aliases/Nicknames: IndigoDragyn, JenJen
E-Mail: indigodragyn at techie dot com
Residence: Texas, USA
Hobbies: Anime/manga, reading, Photoshop, LiveJournal, general computer stuff…
I’m a big World of Warcraft dork. Currently Level 80.
Random quote: “You don’t have to live forever. You just have to live.” (Tuck Everlasting)



About IndigoDragyn.com

Site created: January 7th, 2003
The name: Inspiration for the name came from my online alias. I actually did try to get IndigoDragon.com (where “dragon” is spellt normally), but it was already taken.
The reason: Part of the reason for this site was that I was sick of GeoCities (and free hosting in general). Then there’s the fact that I needed a place where I could remotely link images for my LiveJournal. Also, I wanted to help out the manga scanslation community by hosting a couple of manga chapters for a few groups.

About the Scanslations

I just want to make a note that all the scanslations I do (by myself or with a group) are strictly for non-profit purposes. That, and I’m a poor college student, so don’t sue me.

For the scanslations that I’ve done by myself, feel free to distribute them as you wish, or put them up on your own site (with proper credit, of course). Regarding anything I’ve done with a group, see their distribution policies. In either case, DO NOT hotlink any of the zip files that I host, or they will be taken down (or replaced with something mean, because I’m vindictive like that).



Web Site Version History

+ Version 5: “Kamikaze” from August 23, 2017: Wow, didn’t think I’d come back to this. But here I am and I am absolutely loving it. I decided to continue my simple style, opting for the free WordPress themes. I also did that because I’m still not rich enough to buy a premium theme 😛 I am content with how everything has turned out; for now, I’m trying to resurrect the site from the dead and we’ll see where it goes from there.

+ Version 5: “Kamikaze” from January 6th, 2005: Whoo, new layout. I figured it was kind of time for something new, and I was getting a little bored with the old layout. I decided to go for something really simple this time, and am more or less content with how it turned out.


Previous Versions

+ Version 4: “Lazy Summer” from June 29th, 2004 – January 6th, 2005: Kitty layout! My friend Michelle had sent me a letter in the cutest envelope, which I then scanned and used as a layout. The title is inspired by the picture and the fact that I’m having somewhat of a lazy summer. :3 Didn’t do anything too drastic to the layout structure, but I like how it turned out.

+ Version 3: “Chinese Dragon” from May 6th, 2003 – June 29th, 2004: I finally got rid of the splash page! And I finally used a dragon… Nothing much else to say about this one… ^^;


+ Version 2: “Butterfly” from February 28th, 2003 – May 6th, 2003: I had recently found the special effect brushes on Photoshop, and decided to do a butterfly theme. Also, the weather gets warmer during this time of year, and I thought something Spring-y would be nice.


+ Version 1: “Momo” from January 7th, 2003 – February 28th, 2003: Momo Adachi is the main character of Miwa Ueda’s Japanese manga Peach Girl (a manga which I absolutely adore). The title comes from the main character’s name, because “momo” means “peach” in Japanese. In version “Momo” of this site, I tried to use a peachy color, but it seems to have come out a bit more orangy-yellow. ^^;;